Paola Speranza 05/20/2016 – Posted in: designer

She graduated in Architecture in 1998 at Politecnico di Milano and in the same year she began working with design studios , first in Milan and then in Pavia , both active in the field of interior design , building design and renovation .

Since 2000 at the same time she has been working independently, dealing with restoration, building renovation and interior design (from the restoration of several churches in Pavia and the province, to the restructuring of many private homes, the design of public places such as restaurants, cooking school, shops and gyms).

Her projects are very attentive to detail through the design of custom-made furniture.
She also works continuously for many years with the family business that deals with
processing and restoration of marble and granite. In 2016, after several collaborations with designers love the marbles, she started designing her own collection of marble objects for the kitchen.

Lives and works in Pavia.